Frequently Asked Questions
Can I _____________ on the land while I am making payments?

Generally, you are not able to alter the property in any way while you are making payments. This includes clearing, cutting trees, putting up a fence or gate, etc. After the property is paid off and the deed recorded in your name, you are free to do anything (legal) on your property.

This means that, until it is paid off, you definitely cannot live on the property. You cannot park an RV or camper, etc there. You cannot build on it or put a mobile home on it. In some cases, where allowed by the county, you may be able to camp there for a weekend or a few days, as long as you take everything with you when you leave. Where allowed, you may also be able to ride ATVs, etc on the property. It is important you check with the county to see what is permitted BEFORE doing anything.

Why are the properties discounted so much on this site? Wouldn’t you just keep the best deals for yourself?

You’ll find land investment properties on this site are discounted around 20% to 50% because of my proprietary marketing systems that get in touch with landowners who need to sell their property. Often times they may want to sell because they need the money so my company can help them out by buying their raw land quickly for cash… which is a win-win. Then, I pass the discount along to you.

Are you an agent that lists land for sale?

Great question. No, I am not an agent. I do not sell land with inflated prices so I can make a commission. I own all the land I sell.

How does the financing work?

For details on how Owner Financing works, including the rules, terms, etc, please visit my Owner Financing page.

What kind of land do you have available?

I specialize in land in Florida that is vacant and undeveloped. Some of my property may have service (i.e. sewer, water, power, etc.) and some of my property may be completely raw (i.e. no sewer, water, power, etc.). I offer both since different investors want different things. I’ll let you know what is available with each property.

How are the properties on this site different from ones I’d find on the MLS?

Most of the land investments you’ll find on my site are ones that you’ll never find on the MLS. The MLS is the “Multiple Listing Service” which is where real estate agents list properties for sale.  I work directly with the homeowners because many times I’m able to help them solve their problem more quickly and cheaper than listing it on the MLS.


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