Investment Acreage Program

Time to invest in something REAL!

investment acreage

My Investment Acreage Program was developed as a way for everyone to have the opportunity to make an investment for their future.

These properties have been had picked for their low price, proximity to high growth areas, and their low property taxes.

None of these properties have hidden fees such as HOAs. 

With more than 900 people moving to Florida EVERY DAY, vacant land is going to become increasingly rare. 

These are not properties to “build your dream home” on at this time. In general, building permits are not being issued in the area.


  •  You cannot build a home on the property at this time
  • You cannot put a mobile home or RV on the property
  • You cannot use the property for storage, parking, etc
  • Usually you cannot fence the property or put any structures or items of any kind on it
  • In some circumstances you may be able to use it recreationally, for camping, ATVs, etc
  • There may or may not be current access to the property

These properties are sold as investments, or what I like to call “Properties for Speculation and Recreation”.

The stock market WILL crash at some point. Gold and Silver are not reliable investments. Bitcoin is not an investment at all.

The old saying “Invest in land, they aren’t making any more of it” is as true today as it was since countless billions have been made investing in land.

Investment Acreage properties are great for everyone because:


  • Thanks to my Owner Finance Program with no credit check, low down payment and low monthly payments they are easy to buy.
  • Thanks to low property taxes, no HOA or other hidden fees, they are inexpensive to hold
  • Thanks to the painstaking research that goes into each property I offer, they are excellent candidates for future possible appreciation. Always near the path of growth and always near areas that are experiencing increases in population.
  • Thanks to my company, Lotvestors LLC having a Better Business Bureau A+ Rating with Zero Complaints, as well as being an established, well known land investment firm since 2015 in Good Standing with the State of Florida, you can buy with confidence!