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🌴 **Your Gateway to Growth and Adventure in Groveland Highlands East, Fort Meade, Florida!** 🏞️

🏡 **Discover Your Slice of Sunshine State Paradise – 1.10 Vacant Land Parcel Awaits You!** ☀️

🌟 Have you been dreaming of owning a piece of Florida’s thriving real estate market? Look no further! I present to you a fantastic investment opportunity nestled in the picturesque Groveland Highlands East, Fort Meade. 🌇

🌳 **Key Features:**
📍 **Location:** Groveland Highlands East, Fort Meade, Florida
📐 **Size:** 1.10 Acres of Untouched Potential
🚙 **Access:** I have not personally visited the property, but there appears to be access off Sinkhole Road and Terreno Road
🛤️ **Access Details:** 30-foot-wide easements for legal access; dirt and grass roads guiding the way
🏗️ **Building:** Currently, building is not permitted, making it a prime investment for the future
🌱 **Recreation:** Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts and Adventurers
💼 **Investment:** Ride the Wave of Explosive Growth in the Area
🚀 **Opportunity:** Ideal for Savvy Investors Eyeing Florida’s Booming Real Estate Market

🏞️ **A Unique Opportunity Awaits:**
Experience the allure of Groveland Highlands East, offering you not just a land parcel, but a ticket to the exciting expansion and development sweeping the region. While you can’t build your dream home just yet, you can secure your spot in the heart of this booming area. Imagine the possibilities when the time is right to turn your investment into a reality!

🌄 **Unwind in Nature’s Playground:**
For outdoor enthusiasts, this property is a gateway to endless adventures. Embrace the serene landscape, ideal for camping, hiking, and nature exploration. Fort Meade’s untamed beauty is yours to enjoy whenever you need a break from the urban hustle and bustle.

🚗 **Proximity to Tampa and Orlando:**
Dreaming of the city life? The strategic location of Fort Meade places you just a stone’s throw away from both Tampa and Orlando. Enjoy the best of both worlds – the vibrant urban energy and the tranquil countryside charm. It’s a commuter’s dream!

🏰 **Local Gems and Attractions:**
Fort Meade isn’t just about the land; it’s about the lifestyle. Discover historical sites, charming local shops, and delightful eateries that offer a taste of Florida’s rich culture. Explore the historic downtown area, immerse yourself in community events, and create lasting memories.

🌅 **Secure Your Spot Today!**
Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to invest in Florida’s promising future. Secure your slice of Groveland Highlands East and be part of the region’s explosive growth. Whether you’re an investor or an adventurer, this property is your canvas for dreams yet to unfold.

🏞️ **Invest, Explore, and Thrive – Groveland Highlands East Beckons You!** 🌴

Property Information

Parcel Size






Nearest Cities

Fort Meade

Parcel Number



Lot 82 Groveland Highlands East, Fort Meade, Florida 33841









Undeveloped Easement






27.817779, -81.721536



Purchase Information/Fees


Down Payment

The down payment of $99 is deducted from the purchase amount.


Document Fee

A $199 Document Processing Fee covers document preparation as well as payment management.


Property Taxes

This is the current amount of annual property taxes due once a year.

Nearby Attractions/City

Fort Meade

🌄 **Unlock Future Wealth with Vacant Land Investment in Fort Meade, Florida!** 🌟

🏞️ **Invest in Tomorrow’s Prosperity Today – Your Gateway to Lucrative Possibilities!** 💰

📈 Are you on the hunt for a smart investment opportunity that promises both immediate potential and long-term rewards? Look no further than the hidden gem of Fort Meade, Florida! Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine State, this charming town is on the brink of an explosive growth trajectory that spells out an exciting future for investors like you.

🌆 **Embrace the Power of Growth:**
Fort Meade is not just a place on the map; it’s a thriving ecosystem of economic prosperity. As you read this, the area is experiencing an unparalleled surge in development, infrastructure, and industry. New businesses, jobs, and communities are springing up, creating a dynamic environment that is ripe for investment success.

🚀 **Proximity to Powerhouses – Tampa and Orlando:**
Location is key, and Fort Meade boasts an enviable one. Situated conveniently between the bustling metropolises of Tampa and Orlando, this town offers unparalleled access to the best of both worlds. Imagine the convenience of being able to tap into the urban amenities, entertainment, and opportunities these major cities have to offer, all while enjoying the tranquility of a close-knit community.

🎢 **Endless Adventures Await:**
Beyond the promise of financial gain, Fort Meade is a haven for adventurers and explorers. Discover nearby attractions like the world-renowned theme parks of Orlando, the captivating cultural scene in Tampa, and the picturesque beaches that line the Gulf Coast. Closer to home, you’ll find historic sites, nature reserves, and charming local spots that offer a glimpse into the rich tapestry of Florida’s heritage.

🏡 **Why Vacant Land is Your Canvas of Opportunity:**
Investing in vacant land in Fort Meade is akin to securing a blank canvas in the heart of a burgeoning masterpiece. As infrastructure and development continue to reshape the landscape, your investment has the potential to appreciate significantly. Whether you’re considering residential, commercial, or recreational ventures, this land is your palette for future success.

📊 **Secure Your Slice of Tomorrow:**
The window of opportunity is now, and Fort Meade is where your investment journey takes root. Seize the moment to capitalize on the area’s explosive growth and position yourself for substantial returns in the years to come. By investing in vacant land today, you’re planting the seeds of your financial success tomorrow.

🏞️ **Invest Wisely, Reap Generously – Fort Meade Beckons You to Secure Your Tomorrow Today!** 🏡


Any questions of what you can or cannot build, can or cannot do on the property should be directed to the county Planning and Zoning Department.
Everything I know about the property is listed here. The information provided is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please do your own due diligence. All property is sold as-is, where-is. The down payment and document fee is non-refundable, so please be certain the property will suit your needs BEFORE making your payment.
Some property descriptions have been written by ChatGPT or other AI writing tools and could possibly contain errors.
Please be sure to read my Owner Financing page so you can understand how the Owner Financing works as well as the general rules before making your payment.

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