2.5 Acres Camp or Invest Between I-95 and US1 – $99 Down – $177 per Month

Owner Financing for Everyone!
No Credit Check!
No Penalty for Early Payoff!

$176.77 per Month for 7 Years

$8999 Cash Price
$99 Down + $199 Document Fee = $298 to get started! Reserve Now

How to Reserve this Property

Click the “RESERVE NOW” button above to pay the down payment and document fee on this property.
During the “check out” procedure, you will be prompted to provide your name as you want it on the paperwork as well as your address, etc. Within 48 hours you will receive a Purchase Agreement and Contract for Deed (Land Contract) in your email via SignNow, an online document signing service. You can “sign” electronically on your computer or phone. We will contact you to arrange your preferred method for monthly payments.


Excellent huge property for speculation or recreation!

This property is high and dry! NO wetlands. NO flood zone!

This lot is for investment purposes or possibly camping, hunting, etc.

PLEASE READ: There are two types of people who should buy this property.

Someone who is buying purely as a buy and hold investment, due to the huge growth in this area and the fact that this land is in the path of growth. They want to buy it with the intention of reselling it and do not care about accessing the property. They understand that some land is purchased solely for investment purposes and not just to do something with today, for instant gratification. OR…
Someone LOCAL, who has been out in this area, maybe has friends or family with camps out there and is familiar with it. They know how to get around out there and knows about the camps, hunting, etc in the area.
If you are not one of the two types of people above and are just someone looking for a place to build a home, or put a trailer or RV, this is NOT a property for you.

There is a road/trail going to and through the property with possible access via Maytown Road or Stacy Grove Road. I have not been out to this property yet and cannot tell you exactly how to access it, so please do not contact me with questions about access.

This is not for building a home. at this time. You cannot build on it, or put a mobile home on it.

This property is a full 2 1/2 acres situated between I-95 and Rt 1, off of Maytown road. in Cape Atlantic Estates, Oak Hill Florida. It is about half way between Daytona Beach and Cocoa Beach.

Invest in something REAL!

Everyone knows it is just a matter of time before the stock market crashes.

The population of Florida is exploding as people are fleeing high tax, high regulation states, increasing land values. This makes inexpensive raw land like this seem like a pretty safe bet!

Property Information

Parcel Size






Nearest Cities

Oak Hill

Parcel Number



Lot 273 Section H Cape Atlantic Estates, Oak Hill, Florida 32759













28.836929, -80.895844



Purchase Information/Fees


Down Payment

The down payment of $99 is deducted from the purchase amount.


DOcument Fee

A $199 Document Processing Fee covers document preparation as well as payment management.


Property Taxes

This is the current amount of annual property taxes due once a year.

Nearby Attractions/City

Oak Hill

**Unlocking the Future: Invest in Oak Hill’s Vacant Land**

Are you searching for an investment opportunity that promises remarkable returns and a chance to be part of an evolving community? Look no further than the vacant land in Oak Hill, Florida! Nestled on the pristine east coast of the Sunshine State, Oak Hill is not just a place; it’s a canvas of possibilities waiting for you to paint your financial future.

**A Hidden Gem**

Oak Hill is a hidden gem in Florida’s landscape. With its tranquil ambiance, breathtaking natural beauty, and proximity to major urban centers like Orlando and Daytona Beach, it’s no wonder that savvy investors are setting their sights on this serene haven.

**Unearth the Investment Potential**

1. **Prime Location**: Oak Hill is strategically positioned, offering quick access to some of Florida’s most renowned attractions, including the Kennedy Space Center, Canaveral National Seashore, and New Smyrna Beach. The location alone makes it an attractive option for potential development.

2. **Natural Beauty**: Oak Hill boasts stunning riverfront and marshland vistas, making it an ideal spot for eco-friendly and nature-inspired projects. With an emphasis on responsible development, you can create spaces that harmonize with the environment while generating substantial returns.

3. **Booming Tourism**: Florida’s tourism industry continues to thrive, drawing millions of visitors every year. Oak Hill’s proximity to these bustling destinations ensures a steady flow of tourists, creating a favorable environment for tourism-related businesses, accommodations, and leisure activities.

4. **Real Estate Expansion**: Oak Hill’s real estate market is poised for growth. As nearby areas experience saturation, investors are turning their attention to Oak Hill, driving up property values and providing ample opportunities for a lucrative return on investment.

5. **Infrastructure Development**: The local government is investing in infrastructure development, making it easier than ever to transform vacant land into thriving ventures. This commitment to progress ensures your investment is backed by a supportive community and accessible amenities.

**Your Blueprint for Success**

Investing in vacant land in Oak Hill is like owning a piece of the future. Whether you envision a quaint riverside resort, an eco-friendly community, or an innovative commercial venture, the canvas is yours to paint. With the right vision and strategy, your investment can blossom into a thriving success story.

**Why Oak Hill?**

– **Proximity to Major Cities**: Oak Hill is within driving distance of Orlando, Daytona Beach, and other major metropolitan areas, ensuring a constant influx of potential customers and residents.

– **Unique Selling Proposition**: The natural beauty, tranquility, and potential for responsible development set Oak Hill apart from other investment opportunities.

– **Strong Market Growth**: The real estate market in Oak Hill is on the rise, promising long-term appreciation and value for your investment.

**Don’t Miss Out**

Now is the time to act! Oak Hill’s vacant land is a canvas of opportunity waiting for your investment brush. Embrace the potential, seize the moment, and embark on a journey toward financial success and community development.

Join the ranks of visionary investors who recognize the untapped potential of Oak Hill, Florida. Contact us today to explore the vacant land options and secure your place in this thriving, nature-rich, and promising investment destination. Your future begins here in Oak Hill!


Any questions of what you can or cannot build, can or cannot do on the property should be directed to the county Planning and Zoning Department.
Everything I know about the property is listed here. The information provided is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please do your own due diligence. All property is sold as-is, where-is. The down payment and document fee is non-refundable, so please be certain the property will suit your needs BEFORE making your payment.
Please be sure to read my Owner Financing page so you can understand how the Owner Financing works as well as the general rules before making your payment.

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