Investment and Hunting Acreage in Punta Gorda

Close to the beach, dining, shopping, and nature!

Owner Financing

$3499 Cash Price

$96.36 4 years
$99 Down + $199 Doc Fee = $298 Reserve Now

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If you are interested in reserving this parcel, click “Reserve Now” button. You will be redirected to our payment page to make the down payment plus $199 Document Processing Fee. More details on this process are at the bottom of this page.


Owner Financing with No Credit Check and a low $99 Down Payment!

This is an incredibly rare opportunity to own TWO AND A HALF ACRES of Agricultural Zoned Florida land for less than $1400 per acre!

There is legal, deeded access although the road/drive has is likely only accessible via atv at this time. Please do not attempt to access the property with a regular vehicle even if it is four wheel drive.

Owner Financing!
No Credit Check!
$99 Down
$96.36 per month for 4 years
$3499 Cash Price!

The primary purposes for this property would be:

1) Investment. This area is growing like crazy! There are rumors that Oil Well road will eventually connect to the enormous Babcock Ranch development, but I have not found documentation of this yet. Regardless, local land values are rising and this is a perfect opportunity to buy and “flip” or buy and hold thanks to ridiculously low property taxes!

2) Hunt. This area is know for great hunting. There are deer stands nearby and I know that this area is very popular with sportsmen.

3) Camp and enjoy nature. This is the ultimate getaway. Get out there and pitch a tent where nobody will find you! Enjoy birdwatching and the peace and quiet of nature!

Though it may be technically possible, this would not be an ideal choice for building. Most of the property gets wet in rainy season and would require lots of fill and jumping through bureaucratic hoops in order to obtain a building permit.
PLEASE do not ask me what is required to build or what you can or cannot do with this property! I do not know and I would rather have you work it out with the county. If you ask three different people there you are likely to get three different answers. I am pricing it so the pain of dealing with government employees is well worth the many thousands of dollars you are saving on this property. Just get it as a property for speculation and recreation and if you are able to build on it or put a mobile home on it down the road, then that’s a bonus!

​My company, Lotvestors LLC is family owned and operated. We are proud to have an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau!​

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Punta Gorda

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33310 OIL WELL RD Punta Gorda 33982









Easement Right of Way






Would be by well



26.8242397 -81.8997955



AG (Agricultural)


To get the above map on your phone so you can locate the property lines using the free Mapright App and the GPS on your phone go to this link:

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No HOA or other added fees


A fee of $199 in addition to the down payment is required to begin the purchase process. This is a non-refundable fee.

The County always gets its due. Once a year this amount is due for Property Taxes. Subject to change.

This property has no HOA or other fees.
There is also no maintenance of any kind required

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