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First and foremost, this .14 acre parcel consisting of lots 7 and 8, 14th Ave in St Cloud should be considered a land investment directly in the path of growth.
Located in the booming Kissimmee/St Cloud region, this property is an extremely affordable way to begin investing in real estate in an area of hyper growth!

This property is part of the New Eden subdivision that was platted years ago but not developed. The roads are mapped out but most have not been put in yet so physical access may be a little tricky but the property does have legal access.
I have not personally been to the property yet, so I cannot provide instructions on how to access, but it appears that the access point would likely be via Sungrove Lane off of Nova Road.
This could be a potential camping and outdoor recreational site. The lot is zoned Agricultural, but is too small for that zoning classification to be built on. According to an Osceola County Planning and Zoning employee, planting trees, etc would be allowable. There are NO WETLANDS whatsoever on the property.

This property is part of my Investment Acreage Program. A lot that has been hand picked for its investment potential. It is not “buildable” at this time. You cannot put a mobile home on it or live in an RV on it. You cannot use it for storage, as a parking lot or anything similar. If you can access it, there is a possibility it could have recreational uses such as camping, ATVs, etc, but that is not the main purpose of this property. It is an investment in the future growth of Florida. Over 1000 people move to Florida EVERY DAY. This means great things for people who invest in land. My Investment Acreage lots are chosen because they are extremely inexpensive and they have extremely low property taxes. This makes them easy to buy and hold. The stock market will eventually crash. Gold and Silver are not dependable investments and Bitcoin is not an investment at all. Buying and holding land creates wealth and is a real asset. Don’t wait to buy land. Buy land and wait!

Property Information

Parcel Size

0.14 Acres





Nearest Cities

St Cloud

Parcel Number



Lots 7 and 8 14th Avenue, St Cloud, Florida 34771







Undeveloped Easement






28.279266, -81.160727



Purchase Information/Fees


Down Payment

The down payment of $99 is deducted from the purchase amount.


Document Fee

A $199 Document Processing Fee covers document preparation as well as payment management.


Property Tax

This is the current amount of annual property taxes due once a year.

Nearby Attractions/City

St Cloud

St. Cloud, Florida is on the cusp of an exciting period of growth and development, making it an ideal destination for those looking to invest in a dynamic and thriving community.

With a strong and diverse economy, St. Cloud is poised for significant growth in the coming years. The city is strategically located near major transportation corridors, including the Florida Turnpike and Interstate 4, making it a hub for commerce and industry.

As the population continues to grow, St. Cloud is expanding its infrastructure to accommodate the needs of its residents and businesses. Plans are underway to improve and expand transportation networks, including the construction of new roads and highways, and the expansion of public transportation options.

In addition, the city is investing in the development of new commercial and residential properties, providing opportunities for businesses to establish a foothold in a growing market and for residents to enjoy modern and spacious living spaces.

St. Cloud is also committed to providing top-notch education and healthcare services to its residents. The city is home to several highly-regarded schools, and boasts a range of medical facilities and healthcare providers, ensuring that residents have access to quality care and services.

If you’re looking for a community that is poised for growth and offers an abundance of opportunities for investment and development, look no further than St. Cloud, Florida. Come be a part of the city’s exciting future and experience all that it has to offer!


Any questions of what you can or cannot build, can or cannot do on the property should be directed to the county Planning and Zoning Department.
Everything I know about the property is listed here. The information provided is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Please do your own due diligence. All property is sold as-is, where-is. The down payment and document fee is non-refundable, so please be certain the property will suit your needs BEFORE making your payment.
Please be sure to read my Owner Financing page so you can understand how the Owner Financing works as well as the general rules before making your payment.

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